Want to get in touch with the WNA Board?  Email board {at} wnalansing {dot} com! 2019 board meetings will be held at Letts Community Center the fourth Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. Neighbors are welcome to attend. Guests are asked to please email the board two weeks in advance if they'd like to be included on the agenda.

2019 WNA Board

Vice President: Melik Brown Secretary: Amy Campbell Treasurer: Merry Rosenberg

Mitzi Allen, Emily DeRushia, Laura Hall, Jenny McInerney, Bradley Vauter

2018 WNA Board

President: Emily DeRushia Vice President: Elizabeth Battiste Secretary: Emily Bergquist Treasurer: Merry Rosenberg

John Addis, Amy Campbell, Jason Gabriel, Nancy Hartman, Rob Mathis

2017 WNA Board

President: Emily DeRushia Vice President: Elizabeth Battiste Secretary: Danielle Casavant/Emily Berquist Treasurer: Merry Rosenberg

John Addis, Amy Campbell, Jason Gabriel, Nancy Hartman, Emily Johnson, Mohammed Khan, Rob Mathis, Cassandra Nelson, Molly Polizio, Emily Stevens

2016 WNA Board

President: Emily Stevens Vice President: Emily Johnson Secretary: Danielle Casavant Treasurer: Merry Rosenberg

Mitzi Allen, Community Relations Committee Chair Dan Boutell, Events Committee Chair Veronica Gracia-Wing, Communications Committee Chair

John Addis, Emily DeRushia, Kimberly Fauson, Rob Mathis, Mohammed Khan, Cassandra Nelson, Maureen Nelsen

2015 WNA Board

John Addis Mitzi Allen, Community Relations Committee Chair Daniel Boutell, Newsletter Editor Danielle Casavant, Events Committee Chair Caryn Coyle, Treasurer; Finance Committee Chair Cathy Bacile Cunningham, President Kristie Dickinson, Neighborhood Improvement Committee Chair Kimberlyn Fauson, Secretary Veronica Gracia-Wing, Vice President; Communications Committee Chair Suzanne Knight Cassandra Nelson Maureen Nelson Emily Stevens Cheryl Williams-Hecksel

2014 WNA Board

Josh Boehme, Treasurer Daniel Boutell, Newsletter and Fiesta Committee Co-Chair Danielle Casavant, President; Summer Event and Fun Committee Chair Cathy Bacile Cunningham, Vice President; Yard Sale Committee Chair Kimberlyn Fauson, Secretary Veronica Gracia-Wing, Communications Committee Chair Paul Holland, Neighborhood Improvement Committee Chair Suzanne Knight, Sexton Liaison and Annual Meeting Committee Chair Cassandra Nelson, Grants and MLK Garden Committee Chair Maureen Nelson, Westside Business Committee Chair Jackie Payne, Crime and Safety Committee Chair Paul Pratt, RACER Trust Liaison Committee Chair Emily Stevens, Parks & Recreation Committee Chair John Stratton Cheryl Williams-Hecksel, Fiesta Committee Co-Chair

2013 WNA Board

  • Cassandra Nelson (Committee chair: Grants; MLK Garden)

  • Cathy Bacile Cunningham (Vice-President) (Committee chair: Voter Education/Civic Engagement)

  • Dan Boutell (Committee chair: Newsletter Editor)

  • Danielle Casavant (Secretary)(Committee chair: Fiesta; Fun)

  • Ellie Wong (Committee chair: Business Promotion)

  • Jackie Payne (Committee chair: Crime and Safety)

  • Jen Long (Committee chair: Riddle Elementary Liaison; Places of Worship)

  • John Stratton

  • Josh Boehme (Treasurer)

  • Keith Kris (Committee chair: Yard Sale; Communications)

  • Lisa Alicea (Committee chair: Community Engagement)

  • Mike Schury (President)

  • Paul Pratt (Committee chair: Scholarships; GM Liaison)

  • Sara McCormick (Committee chair: Sexton High School Liaison; Summer Quarterly Event)

  • Suzanne Knight

2012 WNA Board

Executive Committee
Danielle Casavant – President
Cassandra Nelson – Vice President
Joshua Boehme – Treasurer
John Stratton – Secretary
Dan Boutell – Newsletter Editor
Cathy Bacile Cunningham – Voter Education/Civic Engagement
Develop a relationship with the elected officials that represent our neighborhood – 4th Ward and At-Large Council Members; City Clerk; Ingham County Commissioners (mostly District 4 but a wee slice of District 2); Michigan House District 68; and Michigan Senate District 23 to ensure that these elected officials have WNA on their mailing list and they/their staff know what our boundaries are and that we want to be engaged or informed about decisions impacting our community.

Establish a Voter Education program – newsletter/Facebook/website articles to keep neighbors informed about what is on an upcoming ballot and getting information out about both sides of ballot proposals.

Make neighbors aware – through the normal communication channels – of what offices are up for election and the candidates (no position on candidates – just names and parties, when appropriate and the office they seek.

If we decide to continue with some form of Candidates Night or the like – helping to coordinate that (this would obviously involve help from other board members too!). 

Mark Harvey– Westside History Project
Coordinates ideas related to a Westside History Project that could manifest itself in a book. 

Keith Kris - Communications
Chair oversees all outward communications of the organization, including website, newsletter, moderate (if necessary) Facebook group, press releases, and mailing lists (electronic and paper).

Duties may be assigned to committee members – like a newsletter editor, technology, or other areas as determined by the chair

Sara McCormick – Summer Quarterly Event
Douglas Meeks – Community Engagement
Jackie Payne – Crime and Safety
Hosts the monthly Crime & Safety meeting

Establishes relationships with Lansing Police Department and City ofLansing Code Compliance

Responsible for fulfilling the expectations of the Lansing Neighborhood Council grant for reinvigorating and expanding neighborhood watch

Paul Pratt – Scholarships & GM Liaison

  • Review scholarship program and make suggestions for improvement

  • Implement dissemination of scholarship application

  • Review scholarship applications and select recipients based on board approved criteria

  • Ideally would have 2 – 3 members of committee from the community

GM Liaison

  • Keep in touch with Lansing Economic Development Corporation, City of Lansing and Lansing Township Officials, and Racer Trust (owners of the former GM property).

  • Attend any public meeting and serve as a representative for WNA on any committees

  • Report back to neighbors through newsletter, website and Facebook as appropriate

John Putnam
Mike Schury
Randy Watkins

2011 WNA Board


  • Danielle Casavant - President

  • Randy Watkins - Vice President

  • Michael Schury - Treasurer

  • John Putnam - Secretary

Non-Officer Board Members:

  • Mary Derby

  • Keith Kris

  • Doug Meeks

  • Jackie Payne

  • Carol Rall