WNA Board announces 2016 officers and directors!

The WNA Board is gearing up for another productive year and is pleased to announce the following directors serving in a variety of capacities. As always, if you're interested in joining the board or getting your feet wet by serving on a committee, email us at board@wnalansing.com.

President: Emily Stevens Vice President: Emily Johnson Secretary: Caryn Coyle Treasurer: Merry Rosenberg

COMMITTEES: Events Chair: Dan Boutell Lugnuts; Annual Picnic; Summer Movie; Fiesta; Westside Wednesday Members: Danielle Casavant; Merry Rosenberg; Cheryl Williams-Hecksel; Cassandra Nelson; Emily Stevens

Communications Chair: TBA Newsletter; FB group; Website Members: Veronica Gracia-Wing, Emily Johnson; John Addis; Danielle Casavant; Rob Mathis; Dan Boutell

Crime & Safety Chair: Mitzi Allen LPD Connection; Neighborhood Watch; School Watch

Grants: Cassandra Nelson

Sexton Liaison: Kimberlyn Fauson

SOCA Liaison: Danielle Casavant

Mayor/City Council Liaison: Mohammed Khan Parks & Rec Liaison: Emily Stevens Point West Art & Trail Project Liaison: Caryn Coyle