Sexton Meeting Update

December 5th 2012 - Community meeting at Sexton High School In attendance: principal and both vice principals, members of the school board and board of education, LPD school resource officer, Sexton parent/student advocate, Sexton counselor, other LSD affiliates, an MSU intervention specialist, neighbors and WNA board members. From what I could tell no students or parents of students were present. Very positive and productive meeting, mostly lead by Mrs. Sandra Noecker (principal). Randy Watkins, WNA Board Member, was able to verbalize the concerns of the neighbors. Other neighbors who were present were able to voice their concerns as well.

Mrs. Noecker let us know that they are using many forms of communication to reach the students/parents. They are holding assemblies during school hours, talking to the students about what it means to be a good neighbor. They have a Sexton website, with a monthly newsletter accessible on the site.  Sending home fliers with the students. They discussed possibly doing a “robo call.”

They assured us that they are working to solve these issues. Even though the students are not on school property when these incidences are occurring, the school is taking responsibility for the students’ actions. In the school’s code of conduct it states that they are to behave civilly on their way to and from school. It was stressed to us that to be effective in correcting the behavior of the students, they must know which students are behaving poorly.

Reporting: if you are a witness to a crime in progress (fights, impeding traffic, theft, vandalism, trespassing, drug use, etc.) call 911 directly. Although there is a police officer in the school, there is a chance he may not always be there. Or, even if he is there, by the time the report is radioed to him, and he stops what he’s doing, and gets to his vehicle, the crime may very well be completed. But, by all means after you alert the police, please still report to the school.  An e-mail or phone call would be perfect. Descriptions are always good, the school has some cameras, and if you are able to give a good description they may be able to identify the student responsible.  Also, if you are able to, without compromising your personal safety, get a picture of the students in the act. The school would be more than happy to look at the pictures and attempt to identify.If there is an issue of truancy, that should be reported to the school. Again, a description of the student will be helpful.Looking forward: there is a PTO meeting next Wednesday 12/12/12 at 5:30-7:30 I believe in the library. This is an open invitation, any time the PTO meets for any WNA board members to attend.

Myra Ford, a LSD board member, is working on developing a mentor type program. Myra was unable to be there but wrote a letter addressing those in attendance. She is seeking those interested for mentoring students. They passed around a sign-up sheet tonight. However, if you are interested you may contact Myra at her e-mail. It is listed on the LSD webpage, but here it is also:

The administration expressed an interest in having a presence at some more of our board meetings. I think we will have to figure out exactly how to plan that so that it’s an effective use of time for everyone involved.

I did extend an invitation for someone from Sexton to come to our annual meeting to speak and address the neighbors. I figured that would be an effective way to reach a large audience.

I think, and I hope this is just a first step in really strengthening our relationship as a neighborhood with one of our largest neighbors. I think only good and positive things can come from this partnership. The administration is very interested in working with us as well.

Other websites or e-mail address of interest: (Lansing school district main page) (Sexton’s main page)

Principal: Sandra

Assistant Principal: Broderick Williams

Grades 9-12 Assistant Principal: Ella Dickson Grades 7-12