Riddle Elementary in Contest for Autistism Classroom Technology

From Riddle Elementary School: We need your help. We have been nominated for a Grant (see information below) and now we need everyone to vote for us! Please vote for us at: powerabrightfuture.clorox.com

Just go to this website beginning Nov. 12th and find the proposal for Riddle Elementary.

**Due to Hurricane Sandy, voting for the Clorox® Power A Bright Future grant program was moved back to the following dates**

Voting begins: Monday, November 12th at 10am PT Voting ends: Wednesday, December 19th

You may vote once daily by text (95248) and once daily by internet, (you will need our special code from the website above) so please vote for Riddle Elementary every day! Our children need this technology to have a “bright future”.

Please pass on this information, (friends, family, work places, etc.) ANYONE can vote for us across the U.S. Thank you for your support!


Program Detail: We are one of four classrooms who work with individual children with autism. These students require assistance in social skills, academics, and speech/language development. The students attend both a general education and special needs classroom for their education. At this time technology is very limited along with funding in our district.

How this Grant will Help: The purchase of iPADS, iPODS, docking carts, apps and other things necessary to implement these for our four classrooms. This would give us a valuable tool to help integrate into the general education population. Our students have so much potential and could be greatly helped by this technology. It would make them more independent and require less one-on-one. Students who have Autism Spectrum Disorder learn differently and respond in a positive way to technology.

Our students would be able to carry the devices to their different classes with their visual schedule and it would help them be more successful.

We also plan to purchase a set of iPADS for our schools computer lab, so that all of the children in our school can benefit from this new technology.

If you have any questions, please contact: Riddle Elementary, 517-755-1720