Board Members and Committee Responsibilities

2012 Board Responsibilities

Executive Committee

Danielle Casavant - President

The President of the Board presides at meetings; serves as the point of contact for the organization; ensures that the business of the organization is conducted in a timely manner; monitors progress of committees; and assists in any other board work/responsibilities as needed.

In addition to president, Danielle is chairing the Fiesta and Yard Sale Committees.


  • Puts together a planning committee for the annual fundraising event
  • Fairly labor intensive but short duration
  • Should have lots of support from board and hopefully committee members from the community beyond the board
  • Lots of knowledge can be transferred from last year’s wrap-up report

Yard Sale

  • Solicits neighbors to participate in neighborhood-wide yard sale; promotes the yard sale through a variety of media sources; and produces a map of all yard sale locations and addresses

Cassandra Nelson - Vice President

The Vice President of the Board shall preside in place of the president if the president is unable to fulfill his/her duties.

In addition to vice president, Cassandra is chairing the Grants Committee


  • Minimally applies for the Lansing Neighborhood Council and Mayor’s Grants and prepares and files reports for said grants
  • Ideally, seeks out other grants to match with existing WNA activities or projects in which the association would like to engage.

Joshua Boehme - Treasurer

The Treasurer shall manage all funds pursuant to policies adopted by the Board and as provided in Article V of its bylaws.

John Stratton - Secretary

The Secretary sends monthly meeting reminders to board members and calls for agenda items; posts meeting announcements; prepares and disseminates agenda; prepares board packet; takes minutes; and serves as the archivist for the WNA, holding all important official documents and filings.

Board Members & Committee Assignments

Emily Potter Baker - Schools/Community Center Liaison

  • Establish and maintain a relationship with Riddle and Sexton so that we can bring the neighborhood and the schools into a better sense of partnership; help promote their events and activities; and make neighbors aware of needs at the schools (volunteers, supplies, etc.)
  • Establish and maintain a relationship with Letts Community Center directors. Help promote their programs and connect neighbors to opportunities and activities at Letts.

Dan Boutell - Newsletter Editor

  • Solicits articles and advertisements; edits all content; works with printer and mailing house to ensure delivery to all neighbors.

Cathy Bacile Cunningham - Voter Education/Civic Engagement

Develop a relationship with the elected officials that represent our neighborhood - 4th Ward and At-Large Council Members; City Clerk; Ingham County Commissioners (mostly District 4 but a wee slice of District 2); Michigan House District 68; and Michigan Senate District 23 to ensure that these elected officials have WNA on their mailing list and they/their staff know what our boundaries are and that we want to be engaged or informed about decisions impacting our community.

  • Establish a Voter Education program - newsletter/Facebook/website articles to keep neighbors informed about what is on an upcoming ballot and getting information out about both sides of ballot proposals.
  • Make neighbors aware – through the normal communication channels – of what offices are up for election and the candidates (no position on candidates – just names and parties, when appropriate and the office they seek.
  • If we decide to continue with some form of Candidates Night or the like - helping to coordinate that (this would obviously involve help from other board members too!). 

Mark Harvey– Westside History Project

  • Coordinates ideas related to a Westside History Project that could manifest itself in a book. 

Keith Kris - Communications

Chair oversees all outward communications of the organization, including website, newsletter, moderate (if necessary) Facebook group, press releases, and mailing lists (electronic and paper).

  • Duties may be assigned to committee members – like a newsletter editor, technology, or other areas as determined by the chair

Sara McCormick - Summer Quarterly Event

  • Puts together a planning committee for a summer social event – especially interested in something that engages families
  • No history of a truly successful event – wide open to new ideas!
  • Could be, depending on the type of event chosen, labor intensive for a short duration and should have lots of support from board and hopefully committee members from the community beyond the board

Douglas Meeks - Community Engagement

  • Develop and implement strategies for engaging all members of the neighborhood
  • Linking neighbors with services that may be needed for elderly and low income through publicity in newsletter
  • This is a fairly new concept and, with board approval, could take on different directions depending on the interest and expertise of the chair

Jackie Payne - Crime and Safety

  • Hosts the monthly Crime & Safety meeting
  • Establishes relationships with LPD and City of  Lansing Code Compliance
  • Responsible for fulfilling the expectations of the LNC grant for reinvigorating and expanding neighborhood watch

Paul Pratt – Scholarships & GM Liaison


  • Review scholarship program and make suggestions for improvement
  • Implement dissemination of scholarship application
  • Review scholarship applications and select recipients based on board approved criteria
  • Ideally would have 2 – 3 members of committee from the community

GM Liaison

  • Keep in touch with Lansing Economic Development Corporation, City of Lansing and Lansing Township Officials, and Racer Trust (owners of the former GM property).
  • Attend any public meeting and serve as a representative for WNA on any committees
  • Report back to neighbors through newsletter, website and Facebook as appropriate

John Putnam – Silent Auction

  • Coordinates the Silent Auction for the Fiesta – tracking all donations and acknowledging all donors

Mike Schury - Neighborhood Improvement

  • Neighborhood clean-ups and planting blitzes
  • Specific projects, as approved by board, to enhance the beauty of the neighborhood from garden planning to signage and more

Randy Watkins

TBD - Annual Meeting

  • Puts together a planning committee for the annual meeting
  • Fairly labor intensive but for short duration
  • Should have lots of support from board and hopefully committee members from the community beyond the board