Mapping the 2012 annual meeting

Good morning neighbors! The board would like to thank everyone who came to our annual meeting last night.  Turn out was phenomenal!  Working at the registration table, I must admit that I stopped counting arrivals when things backed up, but there were easily over 100 people present.  If there had been many more, there would not have been enough room in the Sexton cafeteria.  The WNA hopes that everyone enjoyed the meeting, and that people were able to connect with neighbors they may not have known before.  Below is a photo of our "pin map."  Each pin represents a household in attendance last night.  It is wonderful that we saw people from almost every part of our geographically huge neighborhood, but there are still some bare spots.  Let's work in 2012 to fill these in!  If you know someone in an empty part of the map, try to get them involved.  Our board will continue efforts to engage everyone, but we can only be successful with active and involved neighbors.  Each and every resident in our neighborhood is amazing, and we could not have enjoyed success last night without all of you.  We hope that everyone reading this is proud of themselves, is proud of their neighbors, and is proud of their community.  You all deserve a pat on the back because YOU are the ones who make great things happen in the Westside!  Let's keep this momentum going throughout the year!

A map with pins representing each household attending the 2012 annual meeting