New Restaurant in the Westside Neighborhood

So Trailer Park'd has a Restaurant! The new endeavor is called Fork in the Road, Local Artisan Diner. The location is 2012 West Saginaw, at the Fork where Saginaw and Oakland meet, right by the West side neighborhood. "The concept is our spin on diner food, so look for the Smoked Meatloaf'Wich to be on the Menu daily. We will also be making our own Tots and tons of other goodies!

This is really going to expand what we can serve at Trailer Park'd as well! The Farmers Markets are coming to an end soon, we are shooting for a transition into the Fork at the beginning of November. We're planning some special events with the Trailer this coming winter and will roll it back out as soon as the snow breaks. We're also planning on being Park'd at the Restaurant for a couple of Lunch services next week.

Logo and more information to come very soon!"